Thursday, January 31, 2013

Apples and Pears

While we're talking about the body, how long is this new weight loss age going to last?  Maybe it's not new, but it feels like it's newly aggressive.  Is that because it's the beginning of a new year?  I never considered the fact that one day, I might become overwhelmed by the amount of diets, comparison photos, missed meals, body envy, self hate and transformation updates that appear on my Facebook timeline.  I think that being health conscious is a beautiful and life changing thing, but I also think that self torture and self bashing is dangerous, unnecessary and sad.  

A friend once said that nobody's body actually wants to be fat.  Here's something else to think about: perhaps the body does not actually want to be deprived either.  I've noticed some women who have created a life of losing weight.  Meaning, they've lost weight, gained weight and are losing weight again.  Maybe that struggle is not needed.  Maybe a particular body wants to be a certain weight, and when that body drops below that weight it simply returns. 

And something else to examine: being content within the body you're in, right now.  It's just a much better look to be kind to ourselves.  I know it's not always easy, but it's something we must do.  If the goal is to lose weight or to get healthier, we should be able to work toward that goal without telling our asses, thighs and stomachs that they aren't "normal", and without tearing down those around us who inhabit the same kinds of bodies.

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