Saturday, April 2, 2011

Swatch What Happens!

Project #2: Finding the right furniture

Two months in, and my living room is still bare. I know exactly how I'd like to fill it,deciding on the with what, is the challenge. I feel like I have to make the right decision, the very first purchase. Spending my hard earned cash on something that is completely wrong for my space is not an option. Ironically, free items are not excluded from this mode of thinking. I've been offered some pieces by co-workers, and I've looked here and there, thinking that I could make someone else's trash my treasure. No such luck. How ever gracious an offer might be, it doesn't mean that what's being offered is something that I want to look at every day. Despite what you may have been taught, beggers can most certainly be choosers, and I have a determination to create peace in my new space, which can't always be done with pieces that already have stories to tell.

With my budget in mind, I have been searching for affordable, functional and stylish. I think I may have narrowed my search. I recently ordered fabric swatches from a company called Home Reserve. They have some pretty uniquely designed furniture which features storage and a lot of options. The Oversized Pillow shown above is in one of the swatches that I ordered. I love the modern pattern and the cool colors. I received my package yesterday and the Ella Cafe pattern is gonna be a go for my throw pillows, a console table and a couple pieces of wall art - all options at Home Reserve. Thinking of going with a chocolate brown for a sofa and ottoman that I like, also at Home Reserve. I'm feeling pretty good about the space that I am envisioning. Hopefully it will manifest itself soon.

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