Tuesday, April 12, 2011

For the Common Good

My car expenses may have just killed my chances of setting sail. It was a nice thought though. I really didn't see this break down in transportation coming. Like clockwork, at the worst possible time. There is no emergency car fund. That all went to the emergency restocking-of-the-fridge-gas-in-the-tank-tires-on-the-car-various-bills fund. I thought I had at least earned one reason to celebrate this coming Fall.

I have considered the possibility of giving up control of transportation, but I would be kidding if I said that I could do the day to day of the adventures of Emma and Barbara on a bus/train. Looks like I will have to catch the next one.


  1. UGH and UGH.I am so sorry. A whole in my roof has taken away a certain promise of ours too. But with one choice always comes something unexpected. Next time will be the RIGHT time. That is what I wish for you for now!

    And thank you for my award--I am so behind in so much. But gratitude should never falter.

  2. Oh no! Now that is a major repair. Like you said, its always the unexpected that pops up, and the unexpected ALWAYS has to be some major deal that needs immediate attention. UGH is right! I'm counting on that next time though for sure. You are so welcome Mama C. With all of the style you have under your roof, you deserve TWO :)

  3. oh man! around the time that you posted this, i too was having car drama. my car broke down 4 times in 2 weeks. yes, i'm waaaaay overdue for a new ride. and i also considered giving up on having a car, cause frankly, i'm over it and prefer being chauffeured around anyway...and always have, ha! but i'm not sure how realistic this is. perhaps i can make it a reality. hmmm...