Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Boy Energy

Lately, Emma has become quite the challenge for her teacher. Many a note home this last half of the school year reveals a level of bewilderment, amusement and most of the time all around confusion. I can never really offer too much of an explanation beyond the fact that the 'she' who shows up each and every morning is just who she is. Its no easy task trying to confine a dominant personality and energized spirit to a set rubric, especially when the two are intertwined within a Gemini. Now, this doesn't mean that dominant personalities are exempt from rule following, just that they often follow their own rules and demand that others do so as well. As expected, this is sure to create a clash in leadership. During our latest meeting, somewhere between the teacher's tales and the principal's rationalizations tumbled talk of 'boy energy'. I sat with that for moment.

When speaking of 'boy energy' they were of course speaking of all the rambunctious boys that help make up Emma's classroom, but I couldn't help but wonder about boys and girls and expectations, and was compelled to offer a reminder that rambunctious 'boy energy' does not just reside within boys. It just so happens to also resides within girls who love baseball and drum sets and guitars and race cars and video games and football and getting dirty. And just like some of those rambunctious 'boy energy' exerting tough boys, there are some nail polish wearing, dress sporting, tough girls who do not feel the need to apologize for being so. I gave birth to one of those.

The real challenge here is teaching the hard ugly lesson in the difference between effective leadership and just plain old fashion dictatorship. Seems that my little leader goes out into the world and dictates what those around her should be doing/should have already known they should have been doing/most absolutely WILL DO or else! The kid is that kid. Since I'm sure neither her teacher or principal will be giving her personology a lone stamp of approval anytime soon, the very best I can do is continue to assure them that we are all a part of Team Emma. So far so good!

June 5th Personology:

"You enjoy thinking about all manner of things thoroughly — be it a decision, a design, or a premise, it's all worth pondering. But you have too much zest to sit still with those thoughts. Once you've had time to process, it's time for action! Take care, however. Some people see this as officious. Try to express your enthusiasm in a way that doesn't come across as demanding." - Source

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