Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Fall in Springtime

The beginnings of another multi-color for an expected April 27th arrival

While getting all caught up on season 4 of The Dead Zone via Netflix, I knocked out a good 22inches of this blanket last night. Who'd ever thought I'd rush to make another patience challenger? I think the secret to loving this pattern is the use of a J sized hook. With a J, I get a bigger gauge, which means a quicker finish. Big is good. I plan on finishing this blanket today, and possibly moving on to a little granny ripple practice for the sofa throw, followed by covering some more inches on Emma's blanket now that I'm stocked up a couple more skeins of yarn.

Check out this video tutorial for the granny ripple.


  1. So, you are just DOING it Ms. Barbara! Come and check out my blog when you have a chance, I awarded you!!!

  2. Thanks so much lady! I'm trying, lol. I've been out of the crochet mood for up until now. I've been bitten, lol. Look for my acceptance post this week!