Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Sleepless in Berkeley

It's 7:18am. Sleep did not come to me last night. It hasn't come to me in many recent nights. I've lost official count of the number of sunrises I've witnesses within a two-week period. I don't really have any answers for the shift in my internal clock, I just know that it needs a readjustment, especially since I find myself dropping mid-evening. Looks like it's time to revamp the night time routine and conjure up some ultimate relaxation techniques.

How do you settle in for the night?


  1. Barbara, this is so wierd, because I have the same insomnia issues:):) I sometimes don't sleep for days, then crash because I am so exhausted. Hmmm...I thought it was hormonal, but perhaps it is universal too:):) Hugs!

  2. You'd be surprised how many insomniacs are out there in the world Kala, lol. I've started to get a slight handle on it (haven't seen a sunrise in a few). I was instructed to change my bedtime routine a little by eliminating the electronics an hour before bedtime, and NO napping after 3pm. Kinda hard when you crash, but I'm happy to report that I've gotten some full nights since my few weeks of non-sleep. I hope yours gets better!