Saturday, July 2, 2011


Its been a while since we've done hair - I felt like I was in this head an entire day! We spent hours pre-wash detangling, shampooing, ACV rinsing, and conditioning, with little energy left for re-detangling since for some reason we ended up with a tangled mess after conditioning, and absolutely no energy left for styling. I did a light detangle and decided to band in about 13 sections in hopes of thoroughly detangling and twisting later so that I can dust her ends. Today, neither of us was in much of a mood to tackle hair that had tons of product buildup and matted areas, but during the pre-wash detangling, which consister solely of finger detangling, Emma's hair looked so good I almost made a decision to restyle without washing! And then to have a completely tangled stripped mess afterwards? I was a little frustrated. I'm not sure if I went a little too heavy on the shampoo or if the ACV rinse just really did its thing, but I hated how her hair was feeling, even after conditioning it. We probably should have deep conditioned. Maybe it will feel better once I remove the bands.

Up next, my hair. I haven't so much as spritzed it with water in at least a week. Its dry as a desert and crying out for attention. I could completely empathize with Cassidy when she wrote about her little Lolitas. I'm right there with you girl I've slacked and both heads in this household have paid for it. Time to get things back under control over here. I've been fixated on stretching my 'fro lately. I still don't have access to my blow dryer, so it looks like I might have to resort to twisting my hair to stretch, and then pick it out. We'll see if I can find the energy to do that.

*Update: Emma's hair feels waaaaay better today. I haven't removed her bands yet, but it feels really soft in between. I may or may not reband tonight. Since tomorrow is National Afro Independence I just might remove the bands, finger detangle, and then reband tomorrow night to restretch.


  1. I love your daughters hair!!! I've only used the band technique to strech my daughters twists on dry hair and it worked wonders!! I do the same for my hair. I can't get with the banding or wearing my hair in braids while washing or conditioning for some reason. I have oily everything so I need to be able to get all into the crevices etc.. but your daughter hair is looking nice especially on the FB badge! Hope all is well :)

  2. Hey girly. Thank you for the compliments! I love your daughter's hair AND your hair just as much! I am really missing big hair, and I'm kinda glad to see my growing. I still haven't been reunited with my blow dryer, and have been holding out for a blow out before doing an official length check. I'm kinda considering seeing what the banding method can do for my 4 inches, lol. I feel you on the need to get all up in your scalp, lol. I had to do that this last time with my daughter because it had been so long since we washed. She had coconut oil and product caked up on parts of her scalp. Braids help us not have such a tangled mess, BUT, sometimes I miss spots, so I know exactly what you mean, lol. Hope you two are enjoying your summer! The FB badge hair is from last year's 'Fros on the 4th :)