Sunday, July 10, 2011

Rescuing the Rest of Summer Vacation

With 51 days left to enjoy summer vacation, I'm not sure that I can say that I've actually been enjoying summer vacation. We haven't set foot on the beach, we haven't taken any road trips out to visit distant friends, I haven't read any books! While Emma has been spending time outdoors with new friends, I've been completely focused on looking for work and securing resources. I now realize that if I don't act fast, the first day of school will be upon us and we will not have left our neighborhood! Its not that I didn't have a slight summer itinerary - now's the time to start enjoying our list.

- Summer Reading Game 2011: One World, Many Stories
The game is on at our local public library, in which the challenge is to either read 10 books, 1000 pages or read for 10 hours and get in 3 library visits for a chance to win some great prizes. The game runs from June 17th - August 13th. Click here to check it out, and then visit your local children's library to find out about the Summer Reading Game in your area. Starting next week, we are shooting for a 10-hours of reading goal. 34 days is more than enough time to explore.

- The Local Park
We are fortunate to have a park right down the street from home, and right across the street from the library! Lots of trees, open space and sunshine makes a perfect scene for bike riding, sand castles and journal writing.

- Bowling
Did you know that kids get to bowl 2 free games each and every day of the summer? Seriously. 2 free games for the entire summer, and the rest of the family can join in with a low priced family pass. I signed Emma up at

If we're lucky, maybe we'll even get a visit or two in to the water park before Fall arrives. What's on your summer itinerary?

* A visit to Outdoor Afro just added another summer adventure to our list by reminding me of the beauty that is right in our backyard, Tilden Park's Lake Anza! Summer would not be complete without at least one beach visit - guess its time to break out the swimsuit.


  1. :( Austin is not on the list for free bowling. Sure wish it was. However, we do have a free movie program.

  2. I'd much rather have a free movie program than a free bowling program, lol.