Wednesday, July 20, 2011

I've Been...


Roasted/baked chicken thighs and lemony brussel sprouts

Peach Pie


Diaper Covers: Newborn to 24mths $15

Playing with hair
Mourning the loss of my internet connection
Mourning the loss of my cell phone service
Mourning the loss of gas in my car's tank
Journal writing
Going for walks
Interior painting
Movie watching
Reading books
Visiting the local library
Visiting the local park
Going to therapy on a weekly basis
Spending time with friends
Job searching
Clearing boxes out of my living room!

What have you been up to?


  1. That Peach Pie looks delicious Barbara:) I have been busy this Summer with so many social engagements - looks like my social calendar suddenly burst open with so many friends and activities....I think I may need to say "no" more often:):) But, I am having fun:)

  2. I've been clearing out moving boxes, staying out of the heat, exploring the West (since I'm over this way now), writing, and enjoying my life.

  3. I've been getting ready for the Back to School craziness. School shopping is on the verge of being done. How great is that?

  4. @ Kala: If you're having a blast, why say no :) Enjoy the time and sunshine with the folks you love. After all, that's what summer is for.

    @ Jewelry Rockstar: Sounds great! Hope you like your new space.

    @ Mommy Fabulous: Congratulations! We haven't started yet. Its coming. I'm compiling the shopping list!