Wednesday, July 28, 2010

When All Else Fails

Since I've managed to completely kill A Place of Comfort, I've decided to do what I should have done in the very beginning, create a new blog. Seems like I have so many already, I didn't want to add yet another to the mix, but alas, here we are. The fact that I managed to break my site feed for all of my followers... probably twice, is a huge indicator that I'm not lying when I say that I am existing within a very disordered life. And that would be, Disorder, in every since of the word. I suppose that having no followers at all isn't an extremely bad thing, but I've made friends, and I'm lonely over here without them. If you can hear me, I'M LONELY WITHOUT YOU!!! Please find me here, so that my words don't bounce off this screen and haunt me. I'd much rather them bounce from me to you, and from you to me... that way I don't go completely insane... without witnesses.

Reason for the Change:

It was time. I started A Place of Comfort because it was what I needed in my life. A place where I could carve out some time for myself, and get back to doing what I've always loved to do: write. 2 years later, I can't exactly say that I have rekindled my passion for writing, I can't say that I have fully utilized the space for doing me... I can't say that I grew while in that space. I think I spent the first year trying to find my voice. Was I suppose to be a "mommy blogger" because I was a mother? Was I suppose to always be writing for an audience? Was A Place of Comfort suppose to become a business? I didn't know what the rules were. It took a while to figure out that the only rule of the blogosphere is to be yourself. With new realizations come the need, the desire for new beginnings, new spaces to thrive and grow. Thus, Chasing Metamorphosis.

Frankly, I am dying to emerge from my cocoon.


  1. Well alright now! I'm diggin the new tones over on here though! It is wonderful as a backdrop against the picture of you and Ms. Emma. Absolutely wonderful! Great choice...lucky you saw it first LOL! It's so earth tone-y, Sis. And it's so telling and appropriate for your, on the mark, get ready, set, go! - to metamorphosis. I think with this, you will gain a whole new following that is worthy of YOUR word and not just people who follow for the f**k of it. You gotta figure, if you are gonna open up your world for all to see/hear, you at least want those that have something to say and not just be a faux presence. But enough of that! I like a LOT. And...I don't know if you can get into BIRF because since I hadn't blogged anything new since I decided to open it back up, I think I left it closed. But I will send off your invite shortly Missy.

    I love you! And I hope this new environment is what you want/need for it to be. I think the first effort was your baby steps and I think it is so bold and admirable that you can admit that while you initiated a space for certain reasons, the goal was not quite met. But what makes you phenomenal is that you are NOT giving up. Proud!

  2. Thanks Sis. Your words always mean so much to me. You always know just what to say to keep me hanging in there. I might be hanging by just a thread, but damn it, I'm still hanging, and that's all that matters. I figure, this can hold me until another transformation can take place, or it can hold me if it doesn't.

    I got your invites... THANKS. You always have something brilliant to say and I wanna hang on your words because they are always so powerful. Know that! Anyhoo... love you too!!