Thursday, July 29, 2010

Old Dogs and New Tricks

I would think that, if one has spent the last few weeks in physical therapy, recovering from a stroke, and has a blood clot on one's brain, one would not actually consider making a 2,124 mile drive. Alone.

I would think that, if one insisted on spending a day and a half in a car, that one would allow one's wife to catch a plane and come a do all of the driving, or at least be able to lend an extra pair of eyes to the road.

I would think that, if one had a blood clot on one's brain, that one might want to have it surgically removed. That possibly, one would want to exhaust all possibilities toward staying alive. That one could swallow one's pride long enough to fight harder to stick around to see one's 9 year old son grown up.

Maybe if one was younger, and healthier, and in less pain, one would have the energy to make such investments in one's self. But because one is a lot older, cancer, diabetes and now stroke ridden, it is more comforting to live out the rest of one's days in the ways that one chooses. On one's own land perchance. Tilling, and planting, and harvesting, solely for the greater good of one's family. Or, in one's Nevada bedroom, in the arms of one's beloved...

And I worry about her. When something happens to him for which there will be no more recovery. What will happen to her?

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