Saturday, July 31, 2010

The Color Purple

Square the Purple Treasury on ETSY

This week I received a pretty pleasant surprise over at ETSY. Upon logging in, I discovered that I had a conversation (email) waiting for me. I rushed to open it, thinking, "YAY! Order!", but in all amazement, it wasn't an order, but a notification that one of my items had been chosen by a user for her Treasury. Treasury? I'm still an ETSY newbie, so I had to ask an ETSY vet what the heck an ETSY Treasury was. From the looks of the collection, it looked like a bunch of "favorite things". My assumption was right. One of my blankets had been chosen to be a part of a collection of items that are square in shape, and purple in color. AND, I learned that, and I quote, having an item placed in a Treasury is the "ONLY way to ever make the front page." Score! Maybe Baby Squares will get lucky.

In other exciting Baby Squares news, the Facebook fan page now has 70 fans! And I branched out again.

Antique White, Lavender, Pastel Blue, Pastel Pink $10 ea

Introducing: Newborn Slumber Caps. And yes, that is a granny stitch! I was SO happy to have found this pattern. These little hats fit perfectly with the blankets in my shop. Now that I have the pattern down, I am looking forward to making Emma a nice hat and scarf set for back to school this Fall. Who knows, by the time winter hits, maybe a few of her classmates will be wearing my designs as well. A part of branching out is not being afraid to put business cards in the hands of people with kids! And even better if they see the work manifested before them.

These Slumber Caps have become a fun little obsession and should be available in the shop next week. They are such a stress-free project that I am considering donating a couple to my favorite foster babies! If you no longer have any infants at home or in your immediate circle, perhaps you might considered purchasing one and doing the same.


  1. yaay! treasuries are fun, and getting on the front page is even better! each time it's happened to me (front page) items views shot up and at least 2-3 items sold.

    good to see you're on a roll! :-D

  2. Now we're cooking with grease! (Borrowed that one from grandma.) I'm so excited for you, as soon as I recoup some of my shop re-do funds, I'll need a toddler hat for the niece and a layette set sorta thing for a friend's daughter.

  3. @ Tie: I am really hoping to be just as fortunate. That would be so cool to make it on the front page, and even cooler to be busy, busy, busy filling orders, lol.

    @ T: Thank you lady! Just let me know whenever you're ready. Congrats on your grand re-opening and relocation. The new collection and store looks great! I still have my eye on a couple of old favorites =)