Saturday, May 28, 2011

The Young Mommy was Right!

"May your inner self be secure and happy" - Yogi Tea

It has undoubtedly been an interesting couple of weeks. Most of the time I've been left feeling like a wreck on a wreck - chasing down each new day's extreme challenges, having no choice in declining to meet them. My latest challenge was presented to me yesterday. My long term temporary assignment turned out to be not so long. Without warning, I've officially worked my last week. A complete shock? No. I knew that the assignment would be ending eventually, I'd just hoped to push it into the end of the year.

Naturally, this turn of events has hit at a bad time, and naturally, it threw me for an emotional loop. Bills are due, Emma's birthday is in a week, and despite having my car repaired at the auto body shop, it's still in need of repairs and is nearly non-drivable. Again, I was hoping to push my little engine that could into the summer when Emma would be out of school and public transportation wouldn't seem like the worst thing in the world.

Ironically, prior to receiving the news about my employment, I'd read a post by Tara Pringle Jefferson of The Young Mommy Life. She was talking about her Gratitude Project, about learning how to see the benefits of life's challenges. I can dig that. I allowed myself the space to feel what I needed to feel, but last night, I decided that I was going to take a deep breath, try not to freak out about my rent being due next week, and just let this weekend coast.

I slept in extra long this morning, and my baby let me. She grabbed herself some left overs, popped them in the microwave, and did her big girl thing until I was up to make her the breakfast that she loves. I hit the button on my electric tea kettle, stuck my extra crispy bacon in between some grilled cheese and came back to my bed with a tall mug of Stress Relief. And that was after submitting an application to a job opening that I had been sitting on, going back and forth about if I was going to apply or not. Shoot, now I can spend Emma's birthday with her like she wanted because I wont have to spend my weekends in the office!

All of this sends me the message that things will be ok.


  1. Oh you are so amazing. And so is Emma. Keep an eye on your mailbox. Something special coming your way. Thinking of you Mama. Yes, it is all going to be OK and then some. Something better is coming, and the universe is just reminding you of that. Want that breakfast sandwich tomorrow BTW. :)

  2. It's funny how gratitude can change any situation. It's starts with well-being in the spirit and mind and then in the material world things start taking shape. I'm breathing with you. AAAAAHHHHHH! All is well.

  3. It's crazy how life's challenges have a way of hitting all at once. Deep breaths and one day at a time. I just know good things are coming your way!

  4. Thanks ladies! I'm keeping up with the flow of the universe.