Tuesday, March 29, 2011

In Full Sprout

It all started last night - when my body refused to tire, and, well, my eyes refused to turn away from Youtube and my favorite natural hair blogs - and when a ton of product buildup and good old fashioned balls of lint prevented me from playing in Emma's hair. She was not a willing participant in pre-shampoo detangling activities. Left with nothing but hair on the brain, I decided to finally carve out a little of that elusive "me time".
  • Spray bottle of water
  • Duck bill clips
  • Faux Denman brush (Goodie)
  • Eco Styler Olive Oil Gel
  • Annoyingly loud fan of bathroom light
  • 2am rush of adrenaline
I've been working up the courage to throw these finger coils in my hair for the longest time. I attempted once, and quickly changed my mind as my arms quickly gave out. I think it was just the thought of possibly spending hours on my feet, in front of a mirror, tackling the crop atop this head. Way too much hair, and way too little patience - says the woman who has the child with the Angela Davis 'fro. But as my birthday approaches, I'm getting that itch for something new. The need is pushing me.

I was brave enough to complete the front. Did I mention that it was now 4am, and I would be needing to get up for work, and get Emma up for school at 7am? And I made the executive decision to only complete the front!

Good thing I know how to make cute accessories. This half head of coils was the talk of the office. Everyone was all about it, wanting to know how I achieved my look, one compliment after another. Insomnia never looked or felt so good. So, what did I do? Came home and completed the rest of my head!

Coils as random as the urge to start them

Notice I left the front of my head in an untouched coil out

Mistake? We shall see...


  1. Cute hair! I will be getting me a "new" do on Thursday. My fingers are crossed because she's new to the head of Traci...we shall see :-)

  2. Oooo, newness huh? Can't wait to see! Did I give you the info for my friend's go-to girl? She's a student and does some fab styles at student prices! Can't remember. I'm sure you are gonna have a positive experience, and you are gonna LOVE your new style, and you WILL LET ME SEE IT THIS TIME!!!!!!!

  3. LOVE IT! Love seeing you smiling big on my screen too! How is everything??? I want the life update post too!

  4. Very Cute! The coils look great on you.

  5. @ Mama C: Thanks!! Things are good with us. The sun is shining! I can't appreciate this element enough right now! Life updates forthcoming :)

    @ Karen: Thanks! I'm really liking them.

  6. Talk about beautiful:) You look fabulous, love the coils on you.

  7. Thank you Kala! Good luck with coming to a style decision.

  8. Aw shux! Someone has been twisting and styling! Wow, Barbara can I tell you how excited I am for you! Your first set looks 100 percent better than my first set did, lol. See how good it fells! Cause you are looking fab and I'm so impressed!!!

  9. Thanks Kiianah! Believe it or not, I had you in mind as I worked. Thank you for being a source of inspiration. It was sooo NOT as much work as I originally was making myself believe, OR, I was straight hyped up, lol. Stay tuned for the dry results! Next time I wont be lazy and will retwist the front, lol.